What is Bliss?

Located in the mystic hills of Igatpuri, surrounded by green mountains; enriched with fog & waterfalls, Touchwood Bliss is the newest Nature Retreat destination in Igatpuri. With 6 Fully Equipped Glamping Tents, Bliss hopes to bring you closer to nature while providing you a comfortable stay along with a pure veg restaurant serving some delicious food including Jain preparations.

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Art meets Architecture

While Conceptualizing the Idea Of Bliss, our goal was to have our guests experience nature up-close. This required the stay to seamlessly blend with the incredible surroundings. Our brilliant team of architects decided to move away from the conventional tents and explored a new form using high tensile fabric. side twists helped create a taut skin and bean shaped holes for windows lent a sculptural form to the tents. the white colour was used to signify the pureness of the experience.

360° Panaromic Mountain View

Everything looks magical when you have 360 degree panoramic view of Farmlands & Mountains. Imagine sitting here, performing your early morning meditation or yoga sessions while gazing into a beautiful sunrise, or reading your favorite book on a quiet Sunday afternoon; may be even write one. Play a musical instrument, or just stare away into the horizon; The Machan truly get your creative juices flowing.