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Campania, the region in which the Amalfi Coast is situated, is a place with a rich culinary heritage. Besides being the birthplace of pizza, Campania has also gifted the world with such drooled-over Italian specialties as mozzarella di bufala Campana, capers, sun-ripened vegetables and juicy Amalfi lemons, as well as all manner of seafood-laden pasta and risotto recipes. Our Chef strikes the sweet spot between custom and creativity, honoring the traditional Campanian kitchen while simultaneously striving to keep things fresh, modern and exciting. One thing is for sure: whether you are enjoying a light lunch at the poolside or a tasting menu at our gloriously-located rooftop restaurant with breathtaking sea views of the Amalfi Coast, no meal at Casa Angelina is ever run-of-the-mill.



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Top 22 Best Places For Summer Holidays Near Mumbai, Maharashtra.

As the summer hits Maharashtra, it unveils a tapestry of beautiful destinations waiting for you. From relaxing beaches to enchanting hills and heartwarming cities, Maharashtra never disappoints people who are on visit. In this article, we will explore the 22 best places for summer holidays in Maharashtra.

Most of these summer holiday destinations are near Mumbai. As we know, as a Mumbaikar, we always search for the best and these are some of the best places for summer holidays in Maharashtra where you can take your family and spend a good vacation. Though these summer destinations are near Mumbai. These places are also very convenient to travel for anyone from anywhere. So, stay tuned with us and we will take you on the wide beauty of this beautiful State.

Igatpuri – Escape to Nature

The city is known as a fog city and offers a very pleasant atmosphere. Also, it offers many beautiful dams and a place that is chosen by many travellers for summer & rainy seasons.

Igatpuri is famed for its Vipassana meditation center, where calmness and thinking come together in a peaceful way.

You can also take part in trekking activities around the resort. There are so many worth places to trek near Igatpuri that one must consider of doing. One of the popular trekking places near Igatpuri is Kalsubai Shikhar.

Also, it is known for a rice farming. While moving to the Igatpuri, you will see many rice farms and lakes which will warm your mindset for the adventure you will see in Igatpuri.

Amboli – For the Nature Lovers

For somebody who is into natural things like hiking, breathtaking waterfalls, and mountains then this is the place you should not miss. The place has beautiful hills and lush forests to offer which is home to many plants and animals. Feel refreshed and surrounded by nature.

Kashid – Cute Little Beach Town

This quaint beach town is a very good gateway to azure waters where you can see soft sands and pristine beaches which makes

Lonavala – Best Picnic Spot

Lonavla is the place where most of the people from West Maharashtra choose for weekends to escape from their work life. It offers lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, and beautiful valleys to connect yourself with spirituality.

Khandala – Admire The Natural Beauty

Experience nature's magic in Khandala as it holds soft weather and beautiful sunsets. You get a very panoramic view from almost every mountain in Khandala and also you can get to see many ancient forts.

Mahabaleshwar – A Romantic Getaway

This beautiful town has so many mystic hills to offer where you and your partner experience a timeless romance. This is a cold place with so many strawberry fields to offer. Embrace yourself with this scenic beauty by eating strawberries while watching the sunset through the window.

Alibaug – A Peaceful Town

Alibaug is an ideal station for people who like beautiful beaches and great resorts. The place has very good food to offer and you can check in for some of the best resorts around the town. In the evening you can go boating and take a beautiful walk along the beach.

Matheran – Smallest Hill Station In India

One will definitely get to see verdant landscapes and experience colonial charm. Scenic trails on horseback, soak in panoramic views from viewpoints and revel in the simplicity of life admiring nature's bounty.

We think no one can deny that these are some of the best places for summer holidays in Maharashtra.

Panchgani – The Ultimate Summer Resort

Timeless summer resorts, the lush valley’s colonial-era architecture, and a strawberry-picking experience hold the charm of Panchgani. A famous location for movies to shoot.

Ratnagiri – Explore The Fascinating Beaches

If you like to explore historic things and pieces of literature then this is the place you must consider going where it offers a wide range of ancient temples. Also, This place is world famous for tasty mangoes

Harihareshwar – Soak In Serene Vibes

Surrender to the serenity of Harihareshwar, where you will get to see the perfect blend of temples and beaches. Meditate by the sea, take a dip in holy waters, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul amidst nature's soothing embrace.

Malshej Ghat – A True Nature’s Paradise

Embark on an adventure to Malshej Ghat, where rugged mountains and cascading waterfalls create a breathtaking landscape. Trek through dense forests, spot exotic bird species, and the raw beauty of nature, if this is you then congratulations you chose the right place.

Toranmal – Lush Landscapes

Toranmal offers a Journey to the picture-perfect hill station, where lush landscapes and serene lakes await. Trek to scenic viewpoints, boat on calm & clean waters, and discover the real & unspoiled beauty of this hidden gem.

Jawhar – A Mini Hillstation

Experience the rustic charm of Jawhar, a quaint hill station that has some deep verdant valleys and gushing waterfalls. Explore tribal culture, visit historic forts, and is also famous for fishes and tall trees and jungles.

Nashik – Temples, Ghats And More

Well now let’s talk about rare combinations and that is Nashik, the spiritual heart of Maharashtra. Every person must visit this place once in their life to see the ancient temples, sacred ghats, and the holy Godavari River. take a dip in sacred waters, Seek blessings at revered shrines, and be a part of this cultural heritage.

Also, it is the wine capital of India which makes it one of the iconic & best places for summer holidays in Maharashtra.

This summer destination is around 175 KM from Mumbai.

Tadoba – For Animal Lovers

Embark on a wildlife safari in Tadoba, home to the majestic Bengal tiger and a diverse array of flora and fauna. Explore dense forests, spot elusive wildlife, and experience the thrill of encountering nature's most magnificent creatures up close.

Chikhaldara – Ideal For Coffee Lovers

Take leisurely walks amidst verdant fields, savor freshly brewed coffee, and immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of this scenic hill station.

Hey coffee people, this place is meant for you as it is known as a coffee town and has so many mystic hills that create a paradise for coffee lovers. So pick your bag & put your step in coffee farms and immerse yourself in this beautiful town.

Karnala – Perfect Place To Relax

Retreat to the tranquil environs of Karnala, where dense forests and scenic trails offer a peaceful escape from the chaos of city life. Trek to ancient forts, birdwatch in lush jungles and rejuvenate your senses amidst nature's bounty.

Koroli – Rest In The Lap Of Nature

Discover the untouched beauty of Koroli, a pristine haven nestled amidst lush forests and meandering rivers. Unwind in riverside resorts, explore secluded trails, and reconnect with nature in this serene retreat.

Mumbai – The Lively Capital City

Well well well, you can’t miss this city as it offers a really wide & cosmopolitan charm and is also known as India’s financial capital. The city has bustling streets and iconic marks that will definitely immerse you in the vibrant energy of Mumbai. It offers a wide range of shopping options and is famous for tasty street food.

Pune – Emerging IT Hub

Pune is known as Maharashtra’s cultural capital and also an emerging IT hub of India. This is also a big city that offers a wide variety of Maharashtrian food and so many historic monuments to explore.

Malvan – Famous For Fishing Ports

A place that is aligned with the Arabian Sea, represents a vibrant culture where you will get to visit many ancient forts and bustling fishing ports. Feel the romanticism with heart-melting sunsets across the beach and experience the world-famous Malvani seafood while spending an evening.

What we are & what do we offer as one of the best places for summer holidays in Maharashtra?

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We offer a wide variety of activities for our guests and we are continuously delivering the best hospitality services since 2018.

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From pristine beaches to misty mountains, Maharashtra's summer destinations promise a wealth of experiences for every traveler. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, these 22 must-visit destinations invite you to embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of India's diverse landscapes and vibrant culture.

Let us know which is your favorite place to visit in Maharashtra in the summer holidays.

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