About Us

About Touchwood Bliss

Best Wellness Resort
in Igatpuri

Located in the mystic hills of Igatpuri, surrounded by green mountains; enriched with fog & waterfalls, Touchwood Bliss is a nature-inspired wellness destination in Igatpuri. With 6 Fully Equipped AC Glamping Tents and 2 Courtyard Villas, Bliss hopes to bring you closer to nature while providing you a comfortable stay along with a pure veg restaurant serving some delicious food including Jain preparations.


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Our Story

Today’s world offers us the best of comfort, the best of brands, the best of technology, the best of delicacies and the best of luxuries. And yet, what we do not find, despite our earnest efforts is the nurturing arm of a soulful experience. That does not come with any amount of money, but with diving into nature and discovering the hidden self.

Touchwood Bliss was born with the idea of providing people the luxury of reuniting with themselves, help them escape into the silence of nature, the charisma of the setting sun and the privilege of disconnecting with the traps of technology.

Art meets Architecture

While Conceptualizing the Idea Of Bliss, our goal was to have our guests experience nature up-close. This required the stay to seamlessly blend with the incredible surroundings. Our brilliant team of architects decided to move away from the conventional tents and explored a new form using high tensile fabric. side twists helped create a taut skin and bean shaped holes for windows lent a sculptural form to the tents. the white colour was used to signify the pureness of the experience.

Nature meets Wellness

It’s our vision to make holistic wellness accessible for all. And the only way it’s possible is by utilising the magnificent creations of nature. At Touchwood Bliss, we believe in providing an experience that truly leaves our guests relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated through carefully curated activities and workshops that focus on physical, emotional, spiritual wellness.

Digital Detox

We believe that the marvels of nature can truly be experienced only when you are disconnected with modern day distractions. That is why when you stay at Bliss, you will not find the luxury of Wi-Fi or television in your rooms. We want you to step out and truly immerse yourself in the amazing activities at Bliss.


It’s only fair to expect healthy food at a property that promotes wellness. While we do not have a full fledged health cafe as yet, we take care to ensure that the food served has high nutrient value by using less oil, less salt and no msg. The deliciousness of chef’s preperation and nutritiousness through clean pure veg kitchen, makes our food truly nutri-delicious.